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Dr. Bill McCauley, faithful servant at BJU for 47 years.

Specifically what I’m looking for are answers to the following questions:

1. Was the Promise to house, feed, provide medical care, and a retirement salary communicated to you when you were hired at BJU? Was the Promise important to your decision to work for BJU?

2. Did you rely on the Promise at any time? By relying, I mean, did you make choices based on the Promise that you would not otherwise have made? Did you forego putting money into a retirement account because you believed you would be cared for in your old age? Did you stay at BJU instead of pursuing other opportunities because of your reliance on the Promise?

3. Do you know others who relied on the Promise at any time? In what way did they rely? Can you connect me with them?

4. Do you know anyone who is reaping the benefits of the Promise at this time, or who did until his/her death?

5. Have you been denied the benefits of the Promise on which you relied? In what way?

This spring, Dr. Bill McCauley, pictured above, was dismissed after almost fifty years of faithful service! That is just one example, and while I have heard stories and rumors of others who have been fired just a few years before they would have received full retirement benefits, I have heard from few of these people personally. I would like to hear from more.

Please write me at with information.

I have also heard from one person whose mother does receive full benefits. I’d like to hear those happy stories too.

I have written to a number of in-the-know people at BJU as well. I eagerly await their answers.

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